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If you’d like to provide your employees with the chance to explore their health in more detail, it can be a great corporate initiative to provide further one-to-one support sessions. 


Each 1:1 package includes:

  • Confidential employee questionnaire and food diary
  • One-to-one remote or in-person employee session to address areas of concern from the initial questionnaire
  • Advice provided to employee on causative factors and how to ameliorate these to improve health, well-being, efficiency, cognition and performance
  • A personalised employee health plan sent to the individual
  • Option to add additional health checks (for example, tests to assess various factors impacting performance and wellbeing, such as deficiencies, intolerances, energy metabolism) using at home or in-office testing which will be interpreted to provide a clearer picture of individual biochemistry and any areas of concern which need further support or supplementation




Employee Health MOTs and Testing

  • Today’s world can be really difficult for employees, and the companies trying to retain and support them. Maybe you want to help your employees prevent burnout and other stress-related conditions? Improve their wellbeing or optimise performance, which can lead to higher self confidence and organisational success?

    Forget tickbox corporate wellbeing “perks”. With a background in Psychology, Neuroscience (MSc Hons.), Naturopathy and Clinical Nutritional Therapy, alongside hands-on experience within law, financial and investment services, I offer a meaningful approach to employee wellbeing and speak your language.  Tailored to your bespoke needs, whether on-site, virtual or hybrid, and through half or full day webinars, workshops and personalised health MOT programmes.

    To help your employees “reset” and feel empowered to improve every area of their cognitive and physical health. In the workplace, and at home. 

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