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Root Cause 360-Degree Healing Plan

An initial two-hour consultation, via video call or in person, to build up a detailed picture of your individual story. This allows me to understand any root causes due to family history, psychological and emotional factors or dietary and exercise habits, and to create a bio-unique protocol for you to follow. With a one-hour follow-up appointment to review success of your plan and adjust where necessary.

  • A discussion of your symptoms, health concerns and long-term aims

  • A deep look at areas of concern that came up from your initial questionnaire

  • A personalised and thorough nutrition and lifestyle plan for you to follow

  • Recommendations and help organising any functional tests required (for example to find issues caused by hormones, digestive issues, bacteria, toxic load, systemic inflammation or potential genetic predispositions)

  • Dietary supplement schedule

  • Recommendations for complementary therapies (e.g. osteopath, acupuncturist) or medical doctor (GP)

total: £450

If you have any questions please fill out this form for a free 15 minute consultation with Lara

Ongoing Support & Safety-Net Sessions

Following an initial root cause consultation, clients can book follow-up consultations to help keep them on the path to full vitality and health happiness. Many clients choose to see me as their lifetime practitioner, beyond just repairing from disease-state. This may be to achieve greater health longevity, to enhance sports performance around a specific event or to optimise for cognitive performance to support work and career goals.

  • Evaluation of any further laboratory tests

  • Chance to discuss any new symptoms or changes to health

  • Support adhering to new routines and protocols

  • Monitoring of progress, retesting

  • Sports performance advice

  • Changes and adjustments to protocols as needed

total: £175 per session

Discounts provided for block purchasing of sessions.


Lifestyle Coaching & In-Depth Support

The lifestyle coaching package gives you ongoing support and weekly check-ins. Perfect for those who are dealing with more complex health issues, need greater accountability, or want to create an optimised lifestyle for ultimate wellbeing. This includes an initial consultation to address symptoms and tailored support across your lifestyle and diet. Included within this package is also a fridge and cupboard review, so you have tailored advice on the best meals, foods and supplements for your individual health.

12 weeks: Initial consultation + 3 follow ups + once weekly check ins throughout: £2,000


24 weeks: Initial consultation + 6 follow ups + once weekly check ins throughout: £3,800


I am thrilled to be a partner to the renowned Diesel Gym in East London, offering discounted consultations for members, and to those from low-income households in the local community, including those suffering from psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.

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