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individual packages

Your body and mind is highly complex and individual. Yet most healthcare advice is conflicting and based on a “one size fits all” approach.  


As a clinical nutritionist and naturopathic practitioner I’ll look for the root cause of your issue, which may span back through childhood, be something under the surface, or not obvious from your previous diagnoses.

All packages begin with a 2+ hour one-to-one consultation with me to deep-dive into you health, nutrition and lifestyle. This allows me to gain a deeper understanding of your family history, genetics, potential predispositions, and bio-unique story, to get the most from our time together. With the ablity to organise functional tests for at home or local testing. At home blood draws can also be arranged.


Including options for on-going, daily and weekly support.


I am thrilled to be a partner to the renowned Diesel Gym in East London, offering discounted consultations for members, and to those from low-income households in the local community, including those suffering from psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.

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