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The perfect gift for couples who care about their health.


Addressing health alongside your partner can help provide greater support and accountability. The couples session is designed to help you work together, gain the knowledge you need and finally start to heal and live your most optimal lives. 


  • 2 x independent consultations for both you and your partner (2+ hours each)

  • An additional joint 1-hour consultation to pull everything together

  • Discussion of any focus areas with which you need support

  • Individual advice, combined to create a joint nutritional and naturopathic “household” protocol that’s easy (and effective) to follow as a joint plan

  • Where needed, additional notes will be provided for elements that are only applicable to one person’s nutritional and supplementation requirements 

  • Support in working together for a healthier and more optimal lifestyle

Couples Optimal Health Gift Package

  • Many want to enhance their health and see an increase in long-term vitality, yet don’t know where to start. Christmas, birthdays and other special events are a great opportunity to help your loved ones (or yourself!) to gain new habits and finally resolve long-term issues. 

    Now you can purchase a personalised health support package as a gift for yourself, your partner, or any friend or family member looking to become their most optimal self. 


    This is a long-lasting gift that will ensure they feel their best, gain specialist support and finally tackle any health issues. 

    Choose a package below or send this page to your friends or family so they can purchase a gift voucher for you. If you would like multiple people to contribute to your package, or to create something bespoke, email Lara directly on


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