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A fantastic gift for individuals who invest (or need help investing) in mind-body wellbeing.


Great for individuals who have health concerns, want to improve mental or physical performance or address underlying health issues that have previously been ignored.


  • Includes a 2-hour+ initial consultation

  • Discussion of any health concerns, what you may have tried to date and your long-term aims

  • Receive a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you achieve goals and address symptoms

  • Advice on dietary supplements, personalised to you

Individual Optimal Health Gift Package

  • Many want to enhance their health and see an increase in long-term vitality, yet don’t know where to start. Christmas, birthdays and other special events are a great opportunity to help your loved ones (or yourself!) to gain new habits and finally resolve long-term issues. 

    Now you can purchase a personalised health support package as a gift for yourself, your partner, or any friend or family member looking to become their most optimal self. 


    This is a long-lasting gift that will ensure they feel their best, gain specialist support and finally tackle any health issues. 

    Choose a package below or send this page to your friends or family so they can purchase a gift voucher for you. If you would like multiple people to contribute to your package, or to create something bespoke, email Lara directly on


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