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The perfect place to start for cost-conscious individuals looking to take the initial steps towards improving their health and wellbeing.


Comprising an initial two-hour+ consultation, via video call or in person, to build up a detailed picture of your individual story. This allows me to understand any root causes due to family history, psychological and emotional factors or dietary and exercise habits, and to create a bio-unique protocol for you to follow. With a one-hour follow-up appointment to review success of your plan and adjust where necessary.

  • An initial 2+ hour deep-dive discussion of your symptoms, health concerns and long-term aims

  • A deep look at any areas of concern alongside any "hidden" areas needing extra support

  • A personalised and thorough nutrition and lifestyle plan for you to follow

  • Additonal call to explain plan and answer any questions

  • Recommendations and organisation of any functional tests required (for example to find issues caused by hormones, digestive issues, bacteria, toxic load, systemic inflammation or potential genetic predispositions).  Ability for at home finger-prick testing, local venous draws, or at-home nurses.

  • Dietary supplement schedule

  • Recommendations for complementary therapies (e.g. osteopath, acupuncturist) or medical doctor (GP)

  • 1-hour follow-up consultation to assess progress, make alterations and optimise your plan.


Continued Post-Package Support:


We appreciate that it takes time to turn practice into habit, and habit into long-term lifestyle changes.  After your package ends, we won't leave you hanging.


Monthly Subscription


You will have weekly 1:1 live catch-up sessions, alongside access to the Facebook community including answering of any questions you might have (by Wholistic Health by Lara and the wider community), alongside first access to live talks and workshops being held.


Your initial payment of £450 will roll into a monthly subscription of £247.

Root Cause 360-Degree Healing Plan

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