An initial two-hour consultation, via video call or in person, to build up a detailed picture of your individual story. This allows me to understand any root causes due to family history, psychological and emotional factors or dietary and exercise habits, and to create a bio-unique protocol for you to follow. With a one-hour follow-up appointment to review success of your plan and adjust where necessary.

  • A discussion of your symptoms, health concerns and long-term aims

  • A deep look at areas of concern that came up from your initial questionnaire

  • A personalised and thorough nutrition and lifestyle plan for you to follow

  • Recommendations and help organising any functional tests required (for example to find issues caused by hormones, digestive issues, bacteria, toxic load, systemic inflammation or potential genetic predispositions)

  • Dietary supplement schedule

  • Recommendations for complementary therapies (e.g. osteopath, acupuncturist) or medical doctor (GP)

Root Cause 360-Degree Healing Plan