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Meet Lara, Clinical Nutritionist & Naturopathic Practitioner

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

"My background in neuroscience and sport, paired with the latest training in naturopathy and nutrition, allows me to see all sides of your unique self. Working together, we’ll take a blended approach to your health that alchemises science-based research, with holistic health practices, to enable your body’s innate healing abilities. To reclaim your vitality, for the rest of your life."

My Story

Unlike many nutritionists, I started in science.

Growing up with a close relative struggling with debilitating depression and anxiety, I’ve always had an interest in mental health and what’s going on beneath the surface to cause such conditions. This led me to study psychology, followed by a masters in neuroscience, specialising in neurodegenerative disease.

Despite gaining a foundation of knowledge, I soon realised that science could only take me so far. Traditional medicine and time-pressed healthcare services focus only on secondary symptoms – oftentimes failing to find, or address, the root cause of issues such as anxiety, depression and autoimmune conditions.

They also completely downplayed the role of nutrition, neglecting a vital area I knew was key. As a keen athlete growing up, competing in kickboxing, ultramarathons, triathlons and experimenting with bodybuilding, I had seen first-hand that nutrition played a huge role in performance and health.

"I needed to unpick what had caused a sudden downturn in my mental and physical health"

Despite this background, after moving into the fast-paced financial sector I found myself suffering from burnout and adrenal fatigue. Working full-time, which required so much mental energy and came with performance pressure, alongside the breakdown of a relationship, I needed to unpick what had caused a sudden downturn in my mental and physical health.

This led me on the path to studying naturopathy and becoming a qualified naturopathic practitioner and clinical nutritionist. From here, I felt like I had finally found my soul-calling that allowed me to holistically integrate everything I’d learned, experienced and observed.

My Approach

Today, I provide an open-minded approach to health for my clients, rooted in the coming together of these different dimensions. From modern biohacking principles that improve drive and performance, to natural herbs and traditions learned whilst amongst small tribes and shamans in South America, I bring a unique approach and perspective.

Our modern culture may have forgotten what our ancestors knew; that the tools we need to heal are around, and within us.

I believe in helping to bring this balanced view and integrative approach to my clients, regardless of the health battles they may be facing. For true healing - that lasts.

I look forward to discussing this more with you.

Working with Me

"Your body and mind is highly complex and individual. Yet most healthcare advice is conflicting and based on a “one size fits all” approach".

As a clinical nutritionist and naturopathic practitioner I’ll look for the root cause of your issue, which may span back through childhood, be something under the surface, or not obvious from your previous diagnoses. All packages begin with you completing a health, nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire. This allows me to gain a deeper understanding of your family history, genetics and potential predispositions, to get the most from our time together. We will then spend 2-hours together, deep diving into areas of conern or focus, which will allow me to create a bio-unique protocol for you to follow. I will also order any relevant functional tests where required.

See my Packages and Shop for a full list of consultations available, from 360 Degree Root Healing Plans, to longer-term Lifestyle Coaching and In-Depth Support including weekly check-ins. You can also choose the optimal gift of health in my Gifting Options.

My Qualifications

  • Psychology (BSc Hons.), City University of London

  • Neuroscience (MSc Hons. with Specialisation in Neurodegeneration), King's College University of London

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Naturopathy with Distinction, College of Naturopathic Medicine / CNM London

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nutritional Therapy with Distinction, College of Naturopathic

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